Luin Yaley

Mayor of Hollow Stone


7th level Aristocrat

STR | 6 -2

DEX | 10 0

CON | 14 +2

INT | 17 +3

WIS | 17 +3

CHA | 17 +3

AC | 10

HP | 70

BA | +5

Fort| +4 | =2+2

Ref | +2 | =2+0

Will| +8 | =5+3

Skills: Appraise +6 (3+3) Bluff +6 (3+3) Diplomacy +6 (3+3) Disguise +6 (3+3) Forgery +6 (3+3) Gather Information +6 (3+3) Handle Animal +6 (3+3) Innudeno +6 (3+3) Intimidate +6 (3+3) Knowledge(local) +6 (3+3) Listen +6 (3+3) Perform +6 (3+3) Read Lips +6 (3+3) Ride +3 (3+0) Sense Motive +6 (3+3) Spot +6 (3+3) Swim +1 (3-2) Wilderness Lore +6 (3+3)


Luin Yaley is currently the mayor of the trading town of Hollow Stone. Born to traders in the town he now governs, Luin spent his childhood in the relativly affluent Lower Wall. He left Hollow Stone at the age of 18 for Mereskute on the Shadow Sea with the hopes of starting his own trading company. Mounting debts and an inablitly to compete with the larger, more established companines forced Luin to return to Hollow Stone, broke and hounded by creditors, after only 2 years. Once back home his father paid off his debts and Luin began working for his family’s company. For 10 years Luin traveled all through the dwarven kingdom as a merchant and during this time he managed to nearly double the the income for his father’s company. When he was 30 he was selected as one of the 200 citizens to elect the next mayor. During the election process the incumbent mayor and his rival met will all 200 people who would decided the election and the incumbent mayor was greatly impressed with Luin and his knowledge of commerce and trade in the local as well as outlying regions. When the incumbent candidate won the election, he appointed Luin as his advisor and representative of the Lower Wall. During this mayor’s 3 year tenure Luin became an advocate for the poor and used his influence as the son of a wealthy merchant to bring the plight of the poor and underprivilaged to light. When it came time to elect a new mayor, Luin ran and won in landslide. In his 1 year as mayor, he as done a great deal to help the poor in Hollow Stone, but he has not stepped on the toes of the rich so he has avoided making enemies.

Luin Yaley

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