Merlog Stoutheart

Patriarch of the Stoutheart Clan


10th level Fighter/6th level Dwarven Defender (LN)

Attribute Score Modifier
Strength 17 +3
Dexterity 13 +1
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 10 0
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 8 -1
Save Score Base Modifier
Fortitude +15 +7 3+5 Reflex +6 +3 1+2
Will +13 +7 1+5
AC 26
HP 79 (DR 3)
BA +16/+11 (Melee +19/+14) (Rng +17/+12)
Spd 20ft.
Init +5
Weapon Total Attack Damage Critical Type
Dwarven Urgrosh +20/+17/+15/+12 1d8+5/1d8+2/1d6+2/1d6+2 19-20/x3 slash/pierce
Dwarven Waraxe +20/+15 1d10+3 19-20/x3 slashing
Crossbow (heavy) +18/+13 (120ft) 1d10 17-20/x2 piercing

Feats Exotic Weapon (Dwarven Urgrosh), Exotic Weapon (Dwarven Waraxe), Weapon Focus (Dwarven Urgrosh), Weapon Focus (Dwarven Waraxe),Weapon Focus (Heavy Crossbow), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Weapon Specialization (Dwarven Urgrosh), Cleave, Improved Critical (Dwarven Urgrosh),Improved Critical (Dwarven Waraxe), Improved Critical (Heavy Crossbow), Great Cleave, Dodge, Point-Blank Shot, Blind-Fight, Far Shot, Combat Reflexes

Defensve Stance 3/day
Defensive Awareness (DEX to AC can’t be flanked
Damage Reduction 3

Merlog Stoutheart is an accomplished fighter who spent his younger days traveling through Dusteris finding riches and adventure. When his father, Merlik, died, Merlog returned home to take over as patriarch of the clan. The Stouthearts have become quite rich under the tenure of Merlog, who has shown a much higher apptitude for business than his father.

Merlog Stoutheart

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